About Our Circus

Welcome to the Autism Family Circus! 

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Our Mission

Our goal is to raise autism awareness and share our crazy life with you!


We are the Richards family Joh, Donna, Joey, Michael, Dylan, Jace, and Justin!  Justin was diagnosed severe and profound at the age of 4. They said he would never speak and would be in an institution.


He graduated Cherokee County High School. He is very verbal. Jace is a freshman at JSU and a Marching Southerner. Come join us! No two days are ever the same. We named out new blog Autism Family Circus because sometimes they are your monkeys and it is YOUR circus.

Love ya’ll.


Thanks for learning more about our Autism Story.

“Simply the Best!”

Autism Family Circus is a God Send. I have never felt more included or accepted. Our family has been through it and it’s nice to know there are others out there that understand!

If you are interested in a copy of our book, please reach out to me. We still have a few copies for sale. If you have read our book and loved it, let me know! Justin loves hearing that people love his story!

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