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My Brother’s Keeper is the perfect book for parents, grandparents, siblings, and everyone else who has an autistic child in their lives. My Brother’s Keeper is a rare and touching look at the simultaneously fragile and strong bond between autistic children and their siblings. Meet Jace and Justin. Jace is 6 and Justin, his little brother, is 5. Justin is autistic, has sensory disorders, and is the subject of Jace’s book, My Brother’s Keeper. My Brother’s Keeper is written through Jace’s eyes as a guide to explain autism to siblings or classmates. With full color pictures, Jace uses his own words to explain and describe autism. When Justin was first diagnosed they said he would always be on a two year old level, never have speech and never attend regular school. Today he is within 6 months of his grade level, has a large vocabulary and attends half day regular school and half a day of special ed. This book was written so parents and educators would know there is help. In Jace’s words and vivid photos you will experience what living with autism is truly like from the perspective of a loving brother. The happy times, the sad times, and, of course, the frustrating times are all here. With the honesty that only children have, Jace takes you through both the good (Justin saying “I Love You” for the first time) and the bad (the day Justin had to be allergy tested with 100 needles). Although autism can be a daily roller-coaster for the whole family, these two children make the best of their situation. The turn of every full color page will arouse your emotions and delight readers of all ages. If there is an autistic child in your life or in a friend’s life, this book is the best gift you could give. My Brother’s Keeper lets autistic children and their siblings know they are not alone.


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