The Dailey prophet has sad news to report today! Our beloved Hagrid has crossed over to the other side. Rubeus Hagrid also known as Robbie Coltrane passed away today. 

Below you will find some images of Hagrids home from when we visited. 

The Harry Potter series has always been one of my five sons favorites. Two weeks ago we stayed at Hagrids hut.  It  was groundskeepers hut that looked like Hagrid just stepped out for a minute. Complete with tools A scavenger hunt chocolate frogs and nasty tasting jellybeans.

Hagrid will be remembered for his kind heart and his love of Harry. Even though he was rough around the edges he will always be one of our favorite characters. He was forever protecting the underdog even if it was one  with three heads.

The dragons eggs were well taken care of as were the stags in the forest. The children all loved him but feared him a little too. Hagrid knew that children needed schedules, hard work discipline and love to see them through. Robbie Coltrane was 72 and passed away earlier today in the hospital. His roles were many including Nuns on the run , Mona Lisa and Oceans 12.

He was born Anthony Robert McMillan and took on the Coltrane name in his 20s to honor the musician John Coltrane. He played a forensic psychologist that went by the name of Dr. Edward Fitzgerald ( Fitz) in the tv murder mystery show Cracker. His role as Dr. Fitzgerald earned him three best actor awards with the BAFTA. Hagrid was the first person to encourage Harry Potter at Hogwarts he said don’t you worry Harry everybody starts out at the beginning of Hogwarts I know it’s hard I know it’s like you’ve been singled out but you will be Fine 

He was also known for telling the Dursley‘s to go soak their head like a prune , One of his more memorable sayings is whatever is coming will come and we will meet it when it does I hope that he was met on the side of the pearly gates with a brand new cloak and an honorary wizards wand.

Rest in peace Hagrid you will be missed but never forgotten.