Chef Justin or Dr. Doolittle?

Seven years ago my husband John was up at the barn in the early morning hours. He kept hearing a cat meowing but could not find it. John went up into the hayloft and discovered that the tiny kitten was trapped on the barn roof.

She had been dropped there by a hawk. This kitten had two sores in the middle of her tiny back from the talons.

She was so scared but Chef Justin put her right at ease. He had to feed her with a dropper for weeks until she was large enough to eat on her own.

Now seven years later she is a part of the family. Justin has always been great with animals. A few weeks ago a friend of ours had kittens so we decided to get Spot a new friend.

We once again took the tiniest kitten and made it healthy again. Spot sleeps in Justin’s room but fluffy or fluffers as we call her loves his brother Jace.

Jace is home from the Marines and for some strange reason calls fluffers Bob. Keep in mind fluffers is a girl. Not sure where they get Bob unless it’s from her bobbed tail.

Our house has always been one filled with dogs, cats and boys.