Who knew that in December of last year our son’s request for a cooking service for Christmas would culminate in dinner for everyone three days a week?!







I only have a kitchen because it came with the house. My idea of a well-balanced meal has always been a hamburger in each hand. I had never even heard of Blue Apron. Justin saw it in an advertisement on the Internet, and it was the only thing he asked for at Christmas. I was hesitant because the cooking gene did not get passed to me as it does other Southern mothers.





We went ahead and ordered it, not knowing what to expect. The first order came in January, in a huge box full of fresh fruits, vegetables and organic meats! To say I was intimated is an understatement. It also came with very detailed instructions. The box was organized very well, and worked right along with Justin’s OCD nature.






We have learned so much the past eight months from this cooking box. We have tried curry and jasmine rice, we have learned that saffron is actually a thread, and that wars were fought over tea. This is definitely the best investment Santa ever made! Thanks for following our cooking adventures