Monday, the dreaded day of most has always been my favorite day of the week! Crazy right? I have no idea when this started for me. I just look at Mondays like a mini New Year, 52 times a year you get a fresh start, a clean slate, a fresh crisp white piece of paper to start that to do list on.

This past week I have had a few people ask me if Justin has other siblings than Jace. We were blessed with 5 children Joey, Michael, Dylan, Jace and Justin. We always had a house full of boys, toys and noise. I miss those days. Joey is now 31, Michael is forever 17 ( that is a long post for another day ) Dylan is 21, Jace is 20 and Justin is 19. It seems like they grew up overnight. It always amazes me how the days seem long but the years go by so fast! Growing up on the farm was good for the boys but at times now it seems a little lonely at times.

This summer has been a hot one. In Alabama the heat will make you beg for your next breath! We are looking forward to fall. When the leaves start to change I will post some beautiful pictures from little river canyon. Justin has asthma so we do not do a lot outside in the summer. He didn’t even want to go to the beach this year. Being an autism mom seems like its always having to make hard choices. I didn’t want the others to not go because he didn’t go but you do not want to leave him behind either. In the end we compromised instead of a week we went for three days. Jace went with us but Dylan and Joey stayed home with Justin.

It all worked out and was fair but I still missed Justin at the beach. What about your family? Did you take any summer trips? Tell us about them! Do you have any tips or ideas on how to make sibling life as fair as it can be? Autism or not I think that’s always hard. I look forward to hearing from you.