Fall festival Fun time is here ! Summer in Alabama usually hangs in there like a hair in a biscuit annoying the fool out of you until you are ready to surrender. The heat will last long into October except this year it didn’t.

This year Summer was a well behaved little lady leaving right on time not touching anything on her way out. Cool mornings started the first week of the month and Thursday is supposed to be 29 degrees.

Last Saturday we had our first annual fall festival at Stone Chapel at Riverside. Chef Justin cooked for an entire week but was sold out by about 10am. We cooked all the bakery favorites. Red velvet cake from his Nanna Beth Richards recipe, Snickers cake from his Grandma Kathy. Gingerbread from a syrup recipe and banana bread. We also had southern style Hopping John soup by the quart. Pickled okra , pickled eggs and pickled onions. Candy every where ! Vendors , a jumpy house and hay bales with scarecrow staring out over the crowd. Sometimes, with Autism, crowds are an issue. Not today!

Around noon the tangy smell of barbecue wafted over the crowd casting a spell of hunger quickly followed by a sleeping potion. Chef Justin did good interacting with other people. Our grandson Kolby loves fall and all it implies. He loves the farm. We made great use of our decorations after the festival was over. We have several special needs adults in our community that live in a group home. While they were out on their weekly shopping trip we went over and decorated their entire yard! Hay bales, pumpkins , mums and scarecrows. We also left popcorn balls , pretzels and candy. It was a family affair.

Jace our son on leave from the Marines came to help. Justin was so proud of being able to help others. It made for a Fall Festival fun weekend and day. Tonight we will watch hocus Pocus two and have our own popcorn feast.