Friday October 13 th okay okay it was Friday the 14 th but you have to admit it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Chef Justin cooks during the week then we go out to eat on Fridays.


Sometimes we go out to eat on Saturdays too. I noticed yesterday that he appeared very serious about his choice of restaurants and food. Chef Justin, when he was small had echolalia. It’s the art of repeating something that you have heard in the exact same tone and sound range. He would choose lines from television shows movies and sometimes even people we knew. You never knew what word or sentence was going to attract him.


I remember a big one was a line from Toy Story. His daycare teacher was amazed that when she told him it was time to put up his art supplies he looked up and said “ you can’t rush great art” which unbeknownst to her was a line from his favorite movie. He only does this every once in a while now but I knew yesterday was one of those days. I watched as he took in the sign , surveyed the restaurant and quizzed his brother over the cleanliness of the bathroom. I have not quite figured out which food critic has him in this restaurant review mode or how long it will last but for now we will be doing the Friday restaurant review. Possibly some Saturdays and Sundays too.


Jace was available for lunch with us yesterday which makes Chef Justin very happy. Jace and Justin are only one year and 44 days apart so they have always been close. It was Jaces idea to write our first book


My brothers keeper a kindergartners view of autism. He felt like people could not understand that Justin was doing the best he could. Jace headed to the restroom of La Marina Mexican restaurant as soon as we got there. Justin asked him 10 questions the minute he got back. Was it clean ? Was there soap ? Was there toilet paper? Did it smell good ? ( are there really a mens restrooms that smell good ? ) I asked him why and he said “ it’s a proven restaurant fact if they don’t clean the bathroom they don’t clean the kitchen ! “ alrighty then good to know Chef Justin.


He evaluated everything throughout the meal and luckily for us it was all amazing. The owner was having to wear a lot of different hats but he handled them all marvelously.


We live in a small rural Alabama county and have no shortage of Mexican restaurants but La Latina is relatively new. All our food was delicious and piping hot. The most ironic thing of all ? Chef Justin had a burger and fries!


He likes Mexican food but he couldn’t resist the ketchup packs so he ordered something to go with them. Yes it is my circus and he is my youngest monkey.