Early morning in our home has always been my time. As the mom of five boys you don’t get me time unless you make it. Mine has always been 5 to 6 am.

No one else here wants that time. It’s an early morning hour just for me. This morning I’m going over many memories as today my son Michael would of been 27. He passed away on March 18 th our oldest son Joeys birthday in 2013. He will be 17 forever. 

We miss him everyday. As I look through pictures today I realize how much the other boys have grown  and I have a moment of sadness for things that will never be. Michael didn’t graduate he was a senior in high school that year. He will never get married or have children. He will always be 17 and beautiful.

Michael was the 2 nd of our five sons and very close to Justin who is the youngest. He would be so proud of everything Justin has over come. Justin’s early diagnosis was not a positive one. 

We were given little hope that he would ever make it beyond a third grade level. Michael used to say “ My little buddy will do fine ! Just give him a little time” boy was he ever right ! Michael cheered him on at special Olympics , in a school play and in his everyday life.  His little buddy has now graduated not only high school but culinary school. Not just any culinary school Auguste Eschoffier one of the best.

The morning that Michael passed away I went home to tell our other sons but Justin already knew. When I asked him how he said Michael told me. I had no reason not to believe him when he said Michael had visited him that morning and told him he was leaving earth but would always be right beside him. I still believe him today.

We don’t know what Chef Justin will do next but I can assure you it will be wonderful and his guardian Angel brother Michael  will be there all the way. We know it’s not goodbye it’s just we will see you again someday. 17 Forever…