When my mom was a little girl there was a very popular television show that came on called my five sons. Apparently she like this show a lot so she had five of her own sons.

My oldest brother is Joey he is 34 and he’s an actor you think you have it rough imagine Tony Stark and captain America and a Jedi all wrapped into one as your older sibling. He has set a very high bar for all of us but fortunately he is a good brother.

He went into the army after high school then graduated from college now he is pursuing acting as his full-time career he meets lots of different people and can be almost any character you want him to be. He attends dragon con every year and many other smaller cons.

He has also gotten my brother Jace into acting. Jace is 24 he has been gone in the Marines the past four years. He is kind of rough around the edges and seems to have learned every swear word there is. He has a big heart though and is a lot like mom. 

They are in a movie called The Marks that premiered in Atlanta at the historic Plaza Tuesday night. Joey meets all kinds of cool people he even met Stan Lee !!

He helps me sell my cooking in my Tupperware at different festivals he’s a great guy and our family is fortunate to have him I have four other brothers and I will tell you about each of them in a different blog post this month.

This is the month of Thanksgiving and I can’t think of anything to be more thankful for than my family. Sometimes it can be a little loud at my house with all of us home but I love it when we are all together.

I will be cooking thanksgiving dinner for all of us. Some of my brothers are camera shy but I’ll get some new pictures to share love y’all thanks for following my blog.

Chef Justin