The days getting shorter and the nights getting longer and colder at our house means soup season !!









We have always loved making a big pot of soup. Chef Justin makes several different kinds at once so that we can freeze them for later. Hopping John soup, Chicken noodle, vegetable , chicken gnocchi you name it he can make it ! Along with hot corn bread , flat cakes or corn muffins it’s a meal fit for a king. The boys favorite though even though they are grown is Stone Soup. I read them this book so many times when they were little they have it memorized. They now make it with their own children.

Now we make it with a crystal at home but at their house they still just put in a big flat stone that has been scrubbed and boiled.


We made it in a big cauldron outside when they were little and we all dressed the part and pretended to be villagers. Jace always put in carrots,Dylan potatoes, Michael onions and garlic , Joey, meat of some sort chicken or beef and last but not least Justin added tomatoes and parsley. We didn’t make it the same way every time sometimes we made it was just vegetables sometimes we added corn I’m going to include the recipe so that you can enjoy it with your family and one day maybe they will enjoy it with their family.

It’s a wonderful story of everybody working together to help each other. When the boys were a little bit bigger it  taught them to share it also taught them that not everybody’s taste is the same so diversity is a good thing.

If you don’t have a cauldron build it over a fire if you don’t have a fire build it on your stove in a pot we have done all of these and it always turns out delicious.

Soup warms the soul and sometimes it teaches lifetime lessons. If you make stone soup with your children or any other recipes please feel free to share them with us on our site. Happy winter and may you find Your own hearth brimming with warmth!