Thanksgiving was a wonderful time had by all we had a huge breakfast bar complete with sausage and egg casserole, piping hot coffee and mimosas.

Our entire family was here early and it was picture perfect even the fresh strawberries seemed to shine.

Okay so that’s not exactly true. We had breakfast at Waffle House in Centre Alabama with our son Dylan, Daughter in law Jayden and grandson Kolby. The rest of our family was in home in bed toasty and warm but her family was having thanksgiving dinner at noon.

The coffee was piping hot my waffle was great and the jukebox was playing sweet home Alabama. All was well. We went home and had a good nap while watching the Macys Thanksgiving day parade.

Then at 2:00 sharp we all gathered around the table for a homemade Norman Rockwell style thanksgiving dinner. Ham , Turkey , homemade dressing and gravy with jellies and  cranberry sauce. All prepared over the span of two days. A delicious homemade pan of rolls and red velvet cake with a slice of pecan pie on the side made it all worth the wait. What a delicious holiday meal it was.

Except that’s not exactly the truth either. Our ham and Turkey was from the honey baked store along with the cake. The pecan pie was made by the Edwards pie company and the rolls were kings hawaiian. The only people there were me, Jace, Justin , Joey and John. It was still amazing. We did have homemade corn casserole by Chef Justin it was awesome. Recipe upon request.

Then that night we gathered again for Hygee by the fire with mulled cider as we decorated the tree. Okay okay that’s not true either. We all ate so much we couldn’t move and curled up for five hour naps. Our trees still not up , pumpkins are still galore on the porch and todays dinner was leftovers.

However here are some beautiful pictures of my God daughter Amanda’s house. She seems to be on the ball. No matter if your house is decorated for Christmas, Thanksgiving or left over Halloween know that as long as love lives there the rest is not important.

Happy thanksgiving weekend from our undecorated house to yours.