It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go. I’ve always loved Christmas and all the joy and happiness and lights that go with it however, being a special-needs, mom can be challenging on just a regular day it can be positively overwhelming on a holiday, we realized when Justin was young that holidays were not going to be the same.





There were events that we were left out of and not invited to. I don’t mean school events or social events I mean events with our family that was probably the hardest part for me to get over. It’s one thing if somebody slights  you, but if they slight your child that an entirely different game. In the long run, we have figured out how to make holidays our own  and it is much more peaceful. Justin cannot help the fact that he has super sensitive hearing ( he can hear a dog whistle ) or that flashing lights make him nervous. So we have learned to adapt and as he has grown older he too has overcome some of his earlier issues.





Some of you may not know that we own a wedding chapel called Stone Chapel. It is a beautiful building that was constructed in 1924. The original church was built in 1855. It is a Stone Chapel that is adored by all my literary friends. It looks like where Mr. Darcy might have got married you can see it on line    It’s, we took Santa pictures there the other night with Mr. and Mrs. clause. We took our grandson Kolby I really wanted Justin to go but he has never been a huge Santa fan so I didn’t make him but at the last minute he decided to go all on his own. He took Santa a copy of his book My brothers keeper a kindergartners view of autism. He also sat beside Santa which was a huge step for him. A little later that night his brother Jace came by and also had his picture made with Santa.





Miracles never cease, although most marines do like it, and he certainly likes them back after the toys for tots drive. Less work for him in the elves. All they have to do is deliver the toys that the Marines gathered up Justin never asked for very much at Christmas. He never has most years. It’s a struggle to figure out what we are going to buy him, but by far one of the best things for him, and us, he ever asked for was a subscription to Blue Apron. I remember the year he asked for it I had never heard of it. From that first box on our life was forever changed. This year we are shopping for residents at our local nursing home. We are also going to bake them cookies. I say we but I mean Justin I only have a kitchen because it came with the house. He seems happier giving than receiving. So cheer up mammas I know you want to have the normal Christmas and buy the toys that make their eyes light up.





I know you want the cute Santa pictures and Norman Rockwell dinners. Those will come I promise all in good time. When Justin was really little, we couldn’t put anything under the Christmas tree for anybody because he would unwrap every present every time so we just got to where we left everything from Santa wrapped a few and put them out that morning before we woke the boys up, sometimes you just have to compromise, and do what you have to do, we still go to fancy dinners at Christmas but his attendance is not mandatory if he wants to go he can go and if he does not he does not have to.




Most of the time since he is older, he chooses to stay home and have a simple Christmas dinner of a lovely cheese pizza just for him , sometimes he will even let his brothers have a slice. I know it’s hard and I know it’s not what you pictured I can promise you this though it’s priceless and it’s precious and it still goes way too fast so sit back moms grab you a coffee or a cup of hot chocolate  and enjoy the season  it’s your holiday too and lord knows there is never ever enough applause for Mrs. Claus!!


Love y’al’