Autism’s Funny Bone

Saturday while we were having pictures made with Santa, Chef, Justin said that his throat hurt.

What you have to understand is that he never complains about anything one time he fell and cut his leg on a piece of glass and until I saw blood in the kitchen floor I never even knew it had happened so you know when he complains about something it’s really bad.

Justin not  only has autism he also has mass cell reaction. Mass cell reaction presents itself in different ways for different people. For Justin his hands , arms, legs and feet flush bright red in patches. I can always tell when he gets nervous , hot or aggravated. He also has severe separation anxiety that can manifest itself at the same time making for interesting days.

His dad took him to the doctor today but they were so crowded that they had to make an appointment and go back at 1:30.

I got off of work and took him back for his appointment before he ever got in the truck, his hands and arms had started to flush, it’s not something that he can help in some extreme cases. It also itches we got to the doctors office and they wanted to swab his nose for the flu.

This is where the funny part comes in every picture that you see if him smiling is after they had swabbed him for the flu and Covid, both of which thank goodness came back negative , he has a strange reaction to the nose swab while it makes most people extremely uncomfortable. It just cracks him up and makes him laugh. I mean really laughter where he’s holding his sides. He’s laughing so hard.


The doctor said she had another patient that was that way too that it’s all about how your nervous system is wired that sometimes things that hurt others may feel funny to Justin and things that feel funny to others may hurt him . The nurses were glad to know that he wasn’t crying but laughing.

Turns out he just has a sinus infection that can be easily cured. His Mast cell will calm down later tonight after a sip of Benadryl. It took years to find out why he flush’s the way he does and there’s not much that can be done about it. We keep Benadryl on hand for just in case circumstances. He also got a steroid shot and adjusted by our chiropractor today. He’s peacefully sleeping now and all is well. And this is how we deal with a day of Autism’s Funny Bone!