20 years ago the very first Harry Potter book came out in England. It was named the philosopher stone.

In America ours was called the sorcerers Stone I remember standing in line at the Barnes and Noble bid not reveals to buy all of these books. It’s hard to imagine the time when we did not have the word Muggle or mudblood in our vocabulary. 

You have to think very long and very hard to go back to a time without butter beer and station 9 3/4 did not exist. We watched Harry navigate the world of wizards all school year then the unbearable summer back on Privet Dr. Where every house and every car is exactly the same.

Harry’s first ally was Hagrid the groundskeeper. Robbie Coltrane who had always played Rebeous Hagrid passed away in October of this year.

Today we went to Atlanta to see the Harry Potter exposition that has open on Carnegie way. It only takes about an hour and a half to go through the entire layout and you have an interactive bracelet that works with you. It keeps score for what house are you in. I myself am Gryffindor or Ravenclaw my husband was Slytherin. I think I might should be a little worried.  

The marauders map room was one of my favorites. They also had trivia games throughout the event. It was definitely worth the $29 cost of the ticket I would go back again.

Another date part was the cabinet of memories and of course that set me off on a path of thinking what if you could do that what if you could bottle up your good memories or bottle up your bad memories and throw them away? Harry Potter is your basic good vs bad story and once again good overcame.

I never noticed till today, though that Harry never cast the first spell it all of book one.

The Weasleys house looks happier than any other place. I really liked replanting the Mandrake. They do scream at you.

It was a great day minimal traffic , easy parking and a fantastic tour. Check out the dining hall.