Christmas has always been a challenge with Justin. While our other children were making list that were two miles long Justin never asked for more than one thing. That’s it one thing.

He still does that to this day. He chooses one thing and that’s all he ask for. We always buy him a few other things but he just ask for one thing.

This year it’s an Ultra man action figure. 49.99 from Amazon and it’s on the way. Talk about mom guilt and mom relief all at the same time.

We did learn however that he really enjoys giving to other people. When he was small we did open door home in Rome Ga.

They usually have 25 boys and 25 girls. They received a large grant from Coca Cola a while back and didn’t need help anymore so we started adopting children for Christmas from the Nettie King Brown foundation.


Then we were made aware of an adult group home in our area with eight residents so we began to do parties for them. Halloween, Thanksgiving just whatever they needed.

They now recognize us as soon as our car pulls up they are waiting. Chef Justin decided to do stockings for them this year. He went out and shopped for everything that went in them. That’s major for him. He doesn’t like stores, crowds or noise. Then he came home assembling them with care.

Today we went and delivered the stockings. We got to see their tree and get a hug.


There is no better feeling as a mom than knowing your children have grown up to be great people. Justin has the true heart of a giver.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.