The puzzle piece is the symbol of autism because the saying goes if you have seen one child with autism then you have seen one child with autism. Each child can exhibit different behaviors with autism. Chef Justin had several of the following behaviors.1. They may not respond to their name. He didn’t until about age four.2. They may line things up in a row or group things together by color. He kept his power rangers in a straight line. If he had more than one of any color he would group them together.3. They may spin around in circles. A neurologist Suggested that we buy Justin a sit and spin because it changes their brain pattern and if they are sitting down there’s not much chance of them getting dizzy and falling down.4. Not talking or smiling even if talked to or smiled at first. I still have to tell Chef Justin stop growling and start smiling.5. Flapping or flicking their fingers in a rapid pattern. Justin did this so fast it looked like a strobe light and before we knew it the entire class of NT children had learned to do it. They thought it was cool.6. Getting very upset if a routine changes.7.Reacting to stimuli ie flashing lights. , loud music , strong smells. Kmart stores were a hard no for us due to their flickering lights and blue light specials. 8. Echolalia the habit of repeating things. A lot of times they can mimic the same voice they heard things in.If you notice any of these symptoms in your child please have them tested. Early intervention is the key.