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…Because It Is My Circus and They Are My Monkeys | There is a light at the end of the autism tunnel. It shines through your child’s eyes every day.

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Welcome to Autism Family Circus in Cedar Bluff, AL! We are here to help you learn about how a child sees his brother who has autism. You can achieve this by reading our book, entitled My Brother’s Keeper: A Kindergartner’s View of Autism, and blog posts.


The book, released in fall of 2005, was written by Jace Richards with the help of Donna Richards (D.R. Richards). Since its publication, the book has sold approximately 5,000 copies. It has also been featured several times on different platforms.

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Justin, or Chef Justin as we call him is a sweet soul. He has just graduated culinary school and is on his way to making a name for himself! He does Blue Apron unboxings each week on Social Media and is ready to teach you how to cook! 

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