Hypnotherapy & Autism


You are getting very sleepy….


Yesterday, Chef, Justin and I went on a field trip to Ringgold Georgia. We went to my friend Gina Seabolt, who is a licensed hypnotherapist one of our goals for Justin is for him to be able to drive.

We live in a very rural area where there is no Uber or DoorDash, or even Instacart. If you want any type of independence, you have to be able to drive.

Justin has never expressed any interest in getting his drivers license. Although he can drive a go cart, a golf cart and a four wheeler. We started out by practicing on New Year’s Day, and an empty parking lot. He did really good, but I could tell he was extremely nervous. 

The first time I had ever had any involvement with the hypnotherapist was 20 years ago. My nanny wanted to quit smoking so I took her to one. When she came outside, she laughed and said that lady didn’t do anything but talk to me that doesn’t work. three days later she quit smoking because she said she couldn’t stand the smell of cigarettes anymore so I knew that it worked.

I started going to the hypnotherapist after our son Michael passed away in 2013. It was the only thing that seemEd to bring me any type of relief. The hour I spent a week at church and the hour I spent a month at the hypnotherapist. We’re both in valuable to me the first two years.

I didn’t know how Justin would react to hypnotherapy, but luckily, Gina also has a son with autism, so she knew how to handle it. When Justin came out, he didn’t say much. A little later he told me he expected her to have a big watch that swung back and forth in front of your face saying You are getting sleepy. I have no idea what movie he got that from, but I do know what he’s talking about.


Hypnotherapist come in many different forms there are entertainment, hypnotherapist, grief, hypnotherapist, and counseling hypnotherapy. I think Justin was happy that he didn’t have to bark like a dog or do anything crazy. He did sleep really well last night and seems to be more agreeable and open to learning to drive.

We will take driving one day at a time  Rome wasn’t built in a day and I don’t think we will drive there in a day either. I’m just happy to be making progress.