Ok as part of our field trip I had told Justin that I would let him pick where we had lunch at. We settled on Pizza Hut in Ringgold Georgia.


It reminded me of us and his story from when Justin was little most children love Chuck E. Cheese but not him the noise level in there was just too crazy.


Then they opened a little Caesars close to us. We thought that he would like that being able to get pizza fast and close to the house. Turns out he didn’t like their choice of television commercials and any time that we would get pizza from there. He would say oh no not the caveman…. I don’t like the caveman….. I like the Pizza Hut!

For a while we had a Pizza Hut and the dominoes, but both are only to go locations Chef Justin was very surprised to see how large Pizza Hut and Wingstop were. We had excellent service and excellent food. He couldn’t believe what a difference it made to eat the pizza hot right when it came out of the oven it was delicious.


While we were there, we also learned a lot of the history of Pizza Hut that I didn’t know .

I wish they would bring back more of these restaurants where families could go to sit down to eat their pizza and socialize and watch sports.

I have a lot of great memories from Pizza Hut ans Pizza Inn growing up. We also enjoy having Maters pizza in Gadsden Alabama. It was a long day but it was an incredible day.