Autism 101 – Episode 2 : Vaccinations


To vax or not vax that always seems to be the autism question. It never fails no matter where I am speaking to a group about autism that’s the first question people want to ask did a vaccine cause this?

People are never happy with my answer. My answer is if I am given the choice between the cause or the cure I’m going to go for the cure every time. You can not unring the bell.

In our particular case. Justin’s two year-old MMR shot played a large part in his autism before that shot. He was pretty happy, saying a few words singing along to songs. He had a terrible reaction the night he got his shot and ran a very high fever along with a rash after that his speech dwindled down to nearly nothing that shot changed everything about him even the shape of his face, noticing his baby pictures, and even his one and two year old pictures, his face was round after the shot he began to get very angular shapes in his face. 

Now I do feel that you have to be predispositioned to get autism or everyone would end up with it after their shots. And my family has a lot of examples of this. My husband was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called guillians  barre in 2007.

One of the first things our doctor warned us about after that was your children can never have any type of flu shot it could be fatal to them.  They were included in this small group genetically. I feel like it is the same for Autism.

I have many friends that are on both sides of this discussion. I have some that are pro VAX or’s. I have some that are anti-VAX or’s and I have some in the middle. 

I would encourage you to do your research at a very minimum make sure that the vial that your child gets a shot from is more than halfway full and make sure that the healthcare professional shakes it before dispensing it to them. There are a lot of fillers and preservatives, and they tend to settle down to the bottom so make sure that before the shot is drawn, the bottles are shaken.



I would also encourage you to research the case of Hannah Poling in Atlanta. 22 years later we are still on the autism train and one thing remains the same.

I, like you, want the best for my child and for him to live his best life no matter what. Only you can decide what’s better for you and your family.

Your child may have autism but autism doesn’t have to have your child.