Charlotte Lynn –  Sesitive Material:

Tomorrow would be the first day of February. It has seemed that January has had at least 45 days so far I usually love the month of January. I’m all about new beginnings New Year’s resolutions.

Both of my sister’s birthdays are in January January 4 and January 6. Tomorrow is the day that Charlotte was supposed to report to Mexico for her newest travel nurse assignment.

Instead, the next trip that we take together will be our last and it will be to pass a grille beach in St. Petersburg, Florida. That girl sure did love the beach and the ocean. I’m quite convinced that she was a mermaid and some past life, that drew upon the ocean for spirit and strength anytime she was down.

She was the most adventurous ever saw, always ready to go zip lining or on some for an adventure when we were in our 20s she rode a Honda rebel motorcycle everywhere she went. It definitely fit with her personality.

I didn’t meet her until I was 23 we were not raised together, I was put up for adoption as a child and was thrilled to find out that by my mother I had two sisters and two brothers and my my father I had three brothers one on each side was younger than me a younger brother shane on my father side, a younger sister Charlotte on my mother side .

We hit it off instantly we both took after our grandmother and loving all things, chocolate and all flowers throughout our relationship no matter if it were easy times or hard time so we were always sending each other by text message pictures of flowers.

We also swapped an  occasional birdhouse , she loves to redo furniture. She was converting an old school bus into an RV a Skooly. I believe they called them. She was going to name the boss because my husband often kidded with her about how bossy she was, of course most of the women in our family are pretty bossy. 

Charlotte has two sons, Josh and Devin.  Josh has a wonderful wife named Heather and Charlotte told me that Heather was like the daughter she had never had.

I went to visit her a few weeks ago in the hospital. She was awaiting a liver transplant. They couldn’t tell her if it was from the Covid vaccine or from having Covid three times but a blood clot had blocked her liver. Her liver thought that she had died so it died and she was on the liver transplant list , she was in very high spirits and kept telling me God’s got me either way don’t you worry about me sister you just worry about my boys and your boys and you make sure that everybody knows I love them.

She kept telling me over and over she would never again go a week without talking to her entire family that she loved us all so very much and hoped  we knew  That just because she was at work all the time didn’t mean she wasn’t thinking of us. She missed her cats terribly. She was down in Tampa visiting her son when she got sick.

She lived in Virginia so I took her a stuffed cat and she cried when she saw it and just hugged it and loved it, and gave me a glimpse into who she probably was as a six year old child , her childhood was a little rockier than mine. She didn’t dwell on it or talk about it much, but I knew it was. She was closer to our sister, Fairy, and brothers then I was simply because she had known them longer.

Our mother had passed away in August. I had went home for a day or two and got to see everyone , Charlotte was my constant though she was my partner in crime my friend sometimes my nemesis, but probably the most like me. She came down and stayed last summer and learned Roofing so that she could have a part-time job when she was off from travel nursing, she was wonderful at it I knew she would be.

She never met a stranger , we always pick the same loud tacky clothes always with big flowers on them like older women like to wear. Our older sister Fairy always dresses like Jacqueline Kennedy and I’m sure got quite the laugh at mine and Charlotte‘s wardrobe.

Last Friday something went terribly wrong with Charlotte and they took her into emergency surgery.  After surgery, she was on life-support for a few days and on Monday at 3:30 less this world the first of us to enter the great mystery. I will always remember her. I miss her. As I was leaving her hospital room she had been telling me about dog therapy, and the puppies that were coming to see her. They made her so happy . As I got to the door, she said Donna and I turned around. She said life is short sister eat dessert first and just cracked up laughing.

When I heard the news that she had passed away I was at my sons house and we decided to take my grandson home with me for a week , Kolby always makes everything better. We took him to eat in Chattanooga at a place called the Feed. Their food was very good but I didn’t have much of an appetite and neither did he. I looked up and saw a sign that said life is short eat dessert first, we have chocolate fudge brownies with coffee, icing, chocolate, ganache, and ice cream I immediately got boxes for our food ordered that dessert and we ate every bit of it, I know it made my sister smile.