5 things to do when your child is diagnosed with Autism


Your child’s diagnosed with autism The top five things you must do that week.1. Take time to grieve the future that you envisioned for your child that  may never be. There may not be football games or prom dates. Possibly never a wedding day. It is perfectly normal to have theses feelings.2. Discuss with your spouse , significant other or family what goals you will set for the first year and what type of treatment you would like to pursue. Go ahead have a family meeting where you discuss holidays , church services and family involvement.3. Understand that this is the same child as yesterday and will be the same child as tomorrow. They still love you , you still love them and a label changes nothing. Decide will you say “ my child is autistic “ or my child has special needs or my child has autism but autism doesn’t have them. I suggest the latter.4. Decide what you will tell your child as they age. We never told Justin what the doctors said. Only that he had autism we never saidThat he had had a diagnosis of severe and profound. We did not want to limit his ability to dream for the stars.5. Begin to think of your home as a ship , your family the crew and you are the captain Do not  forget at anytime you are in complete control. Remember we do not negotiate with terrorist. Not with the Dr. Not with the therapist and somedays not even with your own child. Set your sails for true North with your child’s full potential on the horizon and never let go of the wheel.We have navigated the turbulent waters of autism for 23,years now. The good the bad and the ugly. The diagnoses , the criticism, the stemming , the meltdowns and the IEP meetings that lasted forever. We may not have an MBA but we have the DNA for sure to help you in this journey. If we can help you please message us.