Here are some tips on how to make your house safe for autistic children. Well, we realize that not every child needs every accommodation we wanted to list as many as we could. One thing that really helped with Justin is that we painted his room a very peaceful, navy blue. We also turned off televisions and reduced sound anywhere close to his room.1. Keep a consistent routine and schedule. Autistic children often thrive in a predictable environment. Having a daily schedule that includes regular meal times, bedtimes, and activities will help them feel more in control of their environment.2. Make sure the house is free of clutter. Autistic children often have difficulty processing too much stimulation at once. Having a tidy and organized home will help reduce confusion and stress. Justin actually helps. Keep the rest of my house organized.3. Use visual cues. Autistic children often respond better to visual cues. Make sure to use visuals in the form of pictures, labels, and colors to help guide them around the house. We always had time charts. I’ll post a few pictures.4. Create a safe space. Designate a place in the house where your child can go to feel safe and secure. This space should be away from noise and distractions and should include items that your child finds comforting. We always have had a pop up tent in his room to be his sanctuary.5. Reduce noise. Autistic children are often sensitive to loud or sudden noises. Try to minimize noise coming from appliances and outside sources by using soundproofing materials or noise-canceling headphones.6. Address sensory issues. Autistic children often have difficulty processing sensory information. Try to minimize strong smells, bright lights, and other sensory triggers. No cleaners in his room with strong smells.7. Use a visual timer. Autistic children often find it difficult to understand the concept of time. Using a visual timer to help them understand when activities will start and end can be a great way to reduce anxiety.8. Provide structure and safety. Autistic children often need extra help understanding safety rules and boundaries. Make sure to clearly explain and reinforce safety rules, such as not running in the house and staying away from hot surfaces.9. Make the house accessible. Install ramps and make sure the doorways are wide enough for wheelchair access. Make sure the furniture is low enough for the child to reach easily, and install grab bars in the bathroom. We know most children with autism are mobile. However some are not.10. Use technology. Technology can be a great tool for helping autistic children stay organized and communicating. Consider using apps and devices to help them better understand their environment.