All of our children enjoy video games even as adults. Jace our Marine is 23 and just bought a PS 5 with his own money and those things are expensive ! Justin loves his games but most are calmer and kinder than his brothers games. Think kingdom hearts and Pokémon The man who created Pokémon has autism and was referred to as Dr. Bug as a child   People with autism often find comfort and enjoyment in playing video games. Here are some reasons why:
1. Predictable rules and structure: Video games typically have predictable rules and structure that make them easy to understand and navigate. This can provide a sense of control and comfort for individuals with autism who may struggle with unpredictable or chaotic situations.2. Visual and auditory stimulation: Many video games offer a variety of visual and auditory stimulation that can be appealing and engaging for individuals with autism. The bright colors, flashing lights, and sound effects can be soothing and calming for some.