Summer is almost here and Paradise Gardens is a neat inexpensive Autism or not field trip for the children. I would suggest going on a weekday not Finster fest weekend. Who is Howard Finster and what is a Finsterfest? 

Howard Finster was a southern evangelist who used every tool he could find to lead people to the Lord. Born December 2, 1916 he was a Summerville Ga native. He passed away October 22,2001. He was the dad of 4 girls and one boy Roy who passed away in May of this year. 

Howard made his living as a Jack of all trades. A bicycle and lawn mower mechanic until one day while he was working on a bike the Lord told him to be an artist so an artist he became. Not just any artist a world famous artist featured at the Smithsonian. He became a household name after doing album covers for REM and The talking heads. He also appeared on the Johnny Carson show. The clip is on you tube well worth the watch. He built a garden of glass and steel all around his house and called it Paradise Gardens. The gardens now host three air b and ba along with breathtaking art made from glass, chrome and cement. A new art and learning center just opened there. There’s a really neat video about his life and you’ll meet Calvin and Hobbes the gardens cats. The artwork is amazing. The gift shop carries his prints framed by his daughter Beverly. Once a year the tiny town of Summerville host Finsterfest a two day festival that features folk artist and musicians from all over the world. When you drive down Lain on the way to the garden you’ll see the coke bottles Howard loved so much painted and in front of stores. The gardens are located at 200 N Lewis St Summerville , Ga 30747 but take my advice this weekend take the trolley over from the park. You’ll love it. One of Howard’s sayings was “ I never met anyone I didn’t love “. Trust me you’ll love Finsterfest and the wonderful magical  work of Mr. Howard Finster.